Q1. What is Zi project?

Zi project started of with a collection of 810 characters composed from 9 different attributes. The traits are randomly assembled by an algorithm creating unique characters. No two characters are the same.

The gender attribute will play a major roll in the upcoming breeding season. Since Zitonians, much like humans, reproduce via syngamy (requires the love of a female and a male couple, aka a Za and a Zuul).

Powered by Cardano blockchain, each NFT character doubles as a membership to Zi community, an exclusive members area.

“Chill and worriless atmosphere”, Zitonaians are known in the galaxies for their “easy goingness” and chill attitudes, as they are biologically incapable to feel anxiety or fear.

Q2. Wen drop?

Main drop “First arrivals” took place on the 12th of December, 2021 at 4:00pm UTC.

A presale drop of 500 vouchers, with 50% discount, took place on the 28th of November of 2021.

Q3. What is the policy ID for “First Arrivals” collection?

Policy ID is “28e0e399d9dc03dbb7b97ad45461cda8e7c4f24c85f91b863b8b6374”.

Q4. What is the rarity score system?

Each and every Zitonian is unique in her/his own way, some traits are indeed rarer than others. Having several rare or scarce attributes will make that character stands out. However, we have not and will not release a rarity rank system. Nonetheless, you can check out CNFT.Tools.

Q5. How many NFTs will your team keep?

The team will participate in the main drop event like everybody else, using our personal wallets.

Q6. Are the characters in “The Team” section actual NFTs from the First Arrivals collection?

No, these two characters are honorary. Such characters have costumed traits that are not from the original collection.

Q7. How to contact us?

Our official email is hello@zi-project.io. You can also check out our Twitter and Instagram pages. Additionally, team members will be available in the exclusive discord server.

You can also directly contact each member via their email (check out “The Team” section in main page).