Zi Journal

810 Zitonians set course to Earth for a vacation and to study local habitants. Their ship is scheduled to arrive at the end of 2021. Known for their laid back attitude and curiosity, they are excited to learn about Earth and have fun while doing so.

As in Adam and Eve. Zuul and Za are the dominant species on Zi, their planet home. Not much information is known about their home planet and its ecosystem. However, many mysteries will be uncovered after their landing on Earth.

Although Zitonains only have 8 bundles of DNA “analogues to chromosomes”. They interestingly share many biological similarities with humans! This is one of the reasons they are eager to learn more about us and our planet.

Looking at the rate at which the Zi ship is approaching Earth, the only explanation is that it has Alcubierre warp drive. Zitonians seem to have cracked the high energy consumption issue needed to run it!

With a total of 8 “chromosome pairs” creating the Zitonian DNA, pair number 2 is dedicated solely for eyes. Interestingly, natural selection could not prefer one type over another.

Zi is a type II civilization on the Kardashev scale. After successfully terraforming their solar system, they started a project to venture into outer space. This project is now referred to as the “Zi Project”.

All biological traits in Zitonian babies are inherited from their parents. Some are affected by gender, like fur, hair and some eye types. Rest are genderless and can be passed across genders, such as nose, mouth and majority of eye types.